Great from start to finish. When you first reach out, I check my calendar for availability. I usually respond within 24 hours. At this point you choose how many hours and what edits you would like. This part should not be stressful. I enjoy talking over what works for each couple. Although I am based in Ohio, I would travel the world to get the opportunity to film a wedding.
Once a package is picked out, I get some formal details for the contract. Thirty percent of the total package price is due with signing that can be online or mailed check.  You will receive an email to review the contract that we both sign.
Around a month before your wedding, I will reach back out to get some details from you to give me time to plan for your specific timeline.
The only things left at this point is sharing any important details you want captured outside of normal wedding events. I am easy to reach with whatever type of communication you prefer should something come up during this time.
Wedding Day​​​​​​​

The day is finally here! I've spent the night before getting all my gear together, double checking charged batteries, and clearing out my camera cards to make room for all the lovely footage for the day. Based on your package I will arrive around an hour early, dressed professionally, and ready to greet you and make sure there is nothing pressing that came up last minute. 
I spend the day being as unobtrusive as possible to allow you to live through the day and enjoy all the moments you've been looking forward to. During getting ready, I work to record candid moments and get any important detail shots of the rings, shoes, dress, etc. These times work perfectly for telling your wedding story since they set the stage for whole day. As the groom gets ready, I do a little directing to get some shots of him looking his best. Around an hour before the ceremony, my second videographer will arrive, and I am finalizing the places to put extra camera angles. I make a plan to cover the ceremony with the photographer so we both get the best spots without being in each other's way. I use a couple lavalier audio recorders for the officiant and groom and another couple audio recorders for ambient sounds and the sound system (if there is one). 
Once the ceremony is over, its celebration time! Usually, family pictures happen at this time which is covered by my second videographer and I use the time to set up audio recorders and lights for the reception. I want to use audio recorders on anyone talking to help capture the speech they've been working on. At some point during the reception is when the photographer and I want to get some romantic shots of just the couple. We go for a time that is the best lighting to create all the beautiful shots you are used to seeing from other weddings. I work alongside the photographer during this part and then ask for three to five minutes to create a romantic moment where you both are living it and I am just there documenting.  After this, we all head back inside, and your guests will likely not even notice you left.
The day will fly by. It is part of my job to be recording the small and big moments and details to help you relive the day as often as you like. Sometimes parts of the day can be a blur and once the day is over you can hardly remember what happened. I spent all day recording parts that you may or may not have seen, or remember. For this reason, I approach each wedding with a sense of gratitude for being entrusted with helping you remember all the positive emotions of the day.
After the wedding day, I take all my footage and make backups to ensure all the files are safe. If you choose to get a preview film, I begin picking out the footage for that edit. The preview video is shared online within 24 hours and is a really exciting to get a small sample to share right away.  
At this point, all the ingredients to craft your film are all there and the creative process continues. I use my experience and creativity to start crafting a film that fits your day and tells the story in a way that will age well and can be enjoyed for years to come. I work to showcase the emotions of the day and tell the wedding day story as it happened. It is crafted in a way to be timeless and real starting with the song selection. You can trust it to be a song that fits you and your edit perfectly, but if you have something in mind, please let me know. 
During this time any other edits that were booked will also start. The ceremony edit is an edit of the other ceremony from start to finish. The bride doesn't get to see the beginning moments of the ceremony, and this is the best way to see it. The different camera angles that were set up for the ceremony are synced together with the audio recorders to help craft a seamless video that stands out from a single stationary shot edit. A reception formality edit is cake cutting, formal dances, speeches, toasts, and anything else all wrapped into single, seamless edit. More than likely bits of these moments will be in your highlight film, but this edit will be more of a documentary style than creative style. Both the ceremony and reception edits are perfect for anyone who wants to relive the day as it happened. 
Once the highlight edit is complete, you will receive a link to view it, share it, and download in the best quality.  At this time, I will also be ready to share it on social media to be shared quickly with friends and family. I recommend downloading it more than once to have a copy for personal use on a flash drive for long-term storage. 
That same link will be used to access any other edits once they are complete. After that  the only thing left is to reach out to me with anything you might need. I do keep on the footage for a year so if you happen to lose your copy of edits just reach out and let me know.